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Vaginal Aesthetics


Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are operations performed to eliminate the external appearance, deformity or enlargement problems that occur in the vaginal canal, which are congenital or occur later with age in the genital area in women.

Vaginal aesthetic operations eliminate these aesthetic problems, so that the self-confidence of the woman is restored, concentration disorder during sexual intercourse and ultimately sexual pleasure increase. In addition to all these, gains such as gaining the freedom to wear the desired clothes such as tight trousers and bikinis, and being able to move freely in social environments such as swimming in the pool or the sea are also achieved.

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We have a solution for women who have problems with vaginal width.
With the Laser Vagina Tightening and Renewal System, we can easily solve this problem, which negatively affects the life and mental state of women, with an application of 15-20 minutes.


One of the most common genital aesthetic problems is the size of the outer and inner lips and sagging. The inner labia forms curved structures that extend from the upper part of the clitoris to the bottom of the vaginal entrance. In some women, it is considered natural for the inner lips to overflow a little from the outer lips.

However, although the length of the outer lips hanging from the outer lips does not pose a medical problem, it distorts the aesthetic appearance and pushes the woman to seek a solution. Sometimes the outer lips can be structurally longer, larger or asymmetrical than normal. In this case, the labia may be stretched by the push of the penis during sexual intercourse and this may cause pain. For all these reasons, therapeutic and cosmetic surgery and labia can be reduced to their normal size by labiaplasty surgery. Asymmetry – if any – can be corrected.

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