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The spine curvature, called “scoliosis ,, is a condition that is mostly diagnosed in the growth age. Scholyosis, which develops by the spindle to the right and left, or rotates around itself due to different reasons, can seriously affect the person's life if it is not treated and left untreated.

The incidence of 0.2 - 6 % is the oldest known spine deformity known. Trauma can develop due to a wide range of reasons such as congenital developmental disorders, as well as 80 %of the cases of scoliosis are unknown. Usually at the beginning of the age of development, the child is noticed by the mother and father with symptoms such as shoulder asymmetry, swelling in a part of the back, not to stand at the same level of hips.

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Scoliosis; The spine is a bending over 10 degrees side by side. In the normal and healthy spine, the vertebrae extends from top to bottom in the form of a flat line in the neck, back and waist areas. In scoliosis, the vertebrae are displaced to the right or left and also rotates around its own axes. Therefore, it is defined as a three -dimensional deformity (deformity).


  • If your person has asymmetry on his waist or back

  • If a shoulder has higher than the other

  • If a shovel bone is more dislocated or evident than the other

  • If a leg seems to be longer than the other

  • If the nomad or the rib cage seems to be slid to one side

  • If the person bends forward, the ribs on one side of the body remain higher than the other side.

  • The elbis should be suspected that if the individual constantly stands asymmetrically on the individual, there may be a deformity of the spine.

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