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Brazillian Butt Lifting (BBL)


The definition of beauty is definitely different for everyone, but there are some recipes that are generally preferred in butt beauty. The size of the butt is proportional to the body and hips, it is sufficiently prominent when viewed from the side, and it has a smooth round appearance. The butt is shaped using different techniques depending on the need. This method has become widespread all over the world under the name Brazilian Butt Lift.

Women with thin and flat buttocks want their butts to be more prominent, especially when they wear pants. Since it is not possible to obtain enough fat from thin people with liposuction, the buttock is shaped with silicone prostheses.

Flattening occurs in the butt area in people who gain and lose serious weight. In this situation, which is accompanied by sagging of the skin of the abdomen, hips and inner thighs, the abdomen, hips, inner thighs and buttocks are stretched together. The scars are hidden in the bikini line at the waist.


In buttock enlargement, we make the most fat intake from the waist and sometimes accompanying it from the abdomen. Thus, while the waist gets thinner, the butt gets fuller. In recent years, this has been one of the most preferred operations by women. Because the region where both the weight left from birth and the remaining fat after weight loss are stored the most is the waist and abdomen. Moreover, no matter how many sports and diets are done, the most difficult to melt and the last fats are here.

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