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Teeth loss causes aesthetic, functional, and phonation problems. The treatment of lost teeth and surrounding tissues is possible with fixed prosthesis, implant prosthesis or removable prosthesis.

Fixed prostheses are used to treat deficiencies by filling the teeth that are too severely destructed or too high in material loss.


Existing teeth in the mouth shall be cut slightly, for these cut pieces to be used for further support. The fixed prosthesis (coating or bridge) is adjusted and adhered to the teeth. Prothesis use provides great comfort to the patient as they remain fixed in the mouth like natural teeth.


Metal substructures are used for crown coatings and bridges. As an alternative to these, porcelain with zirconium substructure is also used to provide a more aesthetically pleasing look.

One of the most important things to consider about porcelain veneer coating and bridges is the quality of the material used. As the metal used in the infrastructure of porcelain is the main part to surround, hold the teeth, and contact the gum; the quality of it is very important. The quality of the metal depends on the amount of gold blend it contains in its structure, which is defined as a precious metal. Porcelain veneer crown/bridge restorations prepared with high-quality precious metal blend provide long service life.

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