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The procedure is designed to treat and improve a number of different aspects of the nose and face overall, including:

> The overall size in relation to other facial features.
> The width of the bridge and nostrils, as well as their overall positioning.
> The nasal profile, and a visible ”hump” that might appear.
> The tip of the nose – whether it appears large or bulbous, drooping or hooked.
> The overall symmetry of the nose.
> The form and function of the nose – including deviations of the septum.

Nose Aesthetics

The nose is probably the most important facial feature along the face, considering its placement in the direct center of all your other facial features – it plays a key role in your facial aesthetic.


Depending on its size, shape, and orientation it can either help or hurt the appearance of other features, and throw off your facial harmony. Considering this, the nose job or rhinoplasty has become one of the most important facial surgery techniques over the past few decades.

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