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A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a procedure used to remove excess fat and skin.

In some cases, the procedure also restores weakened or separated muscle, giving the stomach a flatter profile and contouring it to the patient’s desires.


Although it does reduce the fat content of the stomach, it is generally used to tighten the stomach and remove excess, saggy skin.

It can be performed alone or in conjunction with liposuction for those who have more belly fat and need higher-degree of correction.



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During your consult, we will perform a thorough examination of the subject area to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure, taking into account, overall health and expectations.

The best candidates are those who tend to have an excess of belly fat, and experience frequent fluctuations in weight. This causes loose, saggy skin, that has lost much of its elasticity and ability to ”bounce back”.


Belly fat can have terrible effects on both your physical and mental health. Even individuals within a normal weight range can have loose, saggy skin, making clothes fit worse, and leaving them with many insecurities.

  • Complete abdominoplasty. The surgeon will cut your abdomen from hipbone to hipbone and then contour the skin, tissue, and muscle as needed. The surgery will involve moving your belly button, and you may need drainage tubes under your skin for a few days.

  • Partial or mini abdominoplasty. Mini-abdominoplasties are often done on people whose fat deposits are located below the navel. During this procedure, the surgeon most likely will not move your belly button, and the procedure may only take up to two hours, depending on your case.

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