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French Lifting


Over time, the human face begins to fail in preventing the effects of gravity and aging. Due to loss of collagen and elasticity and weakening connective tissue, the facial skin begins to sag and wrinkle and the person begins to look older than s/he is. The French lift method is recognized to be an effective and important alternative for patients who do not consider cosmetic facial surgery.

The French lift is an ideal application for men and women who do not wish to resort to surgical solutions but want their former vigorous, vivid looking skin back. Being an alternative to face lifting, this procedure allows someone to go back in time and hence delay his/her aging.


The French Lift is a therapeutic method that can be used in aging conditions as well as in patients with partial facial paralysis. Threads made of silicone inside and polyester outside are biologically compatible with the human body so they can remain under the skin for years.

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