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When we look at the spine from behind, we see that there is a flat column of the vertebrae on each other and with a projection that passes through the head of the head and the basin bone. When we look at the human spine from the side, we see that there is no such flat line and that each of the vertebrae has an angle with each other. For example, while there is a kyphosis in our chest and back region, there is a pit in our waist area that follows it.

People show a wide range of people in the chest and back of people. In other words, as you observe around you, some people stand more hunchback, while others stand upright. This hunchback has a physiologically accepted limit.


In an angle measurement to be made in the side radiography taken in the position where people stand in a comfortable position, this limit varies between 20 degrees and 55 degrees. In other words, a person with 20 degrees of kyphosis and a person with 55 degrees kyphosis are accepted within normal limits. Therefore, it is extremely normal for any individual of a family to be less or more humpback than another individual.


  • Exercises for preventing kyphosis can often be due to posture disorder. Extending the short abdomen, chest and leg muscles should also be strengthened by the muscles around the spine. Surgical treatment should be performed in patients where the slope increases. While the humpback is corrected by surgical operation, the progression of curve can be prevented.

  • Especially in women, serious back pain and hunchback can cause both difficulty in breathing and psychological problems.

  • Initially, this hunchback is considered to be dependent on the stance, but it can progress over time and become permanent.

  • It is very important that those who have long back pains that have not passed in this way and have long for a long time and have a lot of humpback complaints and make humpback measurement and be under the follow -up.

  • In addition, there are back pain that occurs due to still life and certain simple precautions that can be performed in humpback. One of them is very important to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles.

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